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ARDF the Radio Sport (fox Hunt) is scheduled on Novomber 17, 2019,Sunday. for registration click here                                  Weekend classes for ASOC examinations : for registration Contact: Dr. S.SATHYAPAL, DIRECTOR-IIH Cell: +91 94483 02677 or e-mail: ham7388@gmail.com
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Our Activities

All set for the Mock Foxhunt with their new antenna

We are proud have the new antenna from IIH


A selfie with our tape measure antenna.


Registration is going on. VU3JYT Rajan and VU3JYP Boomika receiving the applications for the FOXHUNT.

Read more about the Mock Fox Hunt held on 27th Oct,2019

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VU2FI Dr. Sathyapal is briefing the Partipants about the Foxhunt and how to use the Tape measure Antenna for the event. Thanks to IIH for providing the antennas to the new Hams and SWLs


Smriti Hegde SWL is ready and checking for the First signal from the FOX


Distribution of Tape measure antennas to the Participants.


Mr Shyamsundar Hegde VU3UZD has homebrewed 3 element beam along with his YL harmonic Smriti Hegde. VU2FI is showing the documentation of this homebrewed antenna.

The Photographs in this page are shared by the Participants and members of the Whatsapp group.

Bangalore October 06,2019

IIH wishes Ayudha pooja and Vijayadashami greetings to all. On occasion of Dasara, today we had briefing session, techniques of ARDF, Safety etc. More than 40 Hams & Ham Aspirants participated. They have submitted Fox hunt entry and waiver of responsibility forms. Good interactions will all participants of 1st batch. There was a mock fox hunt inside Kanteerava Stadium. Fox was Poojith VU3YPP sent tone on 145.000 mhz. It was thrilling experience of Radio sports for all.
After first 2 signals Mr Karan Dutt waiting for Ham lc started walking and reached first followed by other teams. Mr Shyamsundar Hegde VU3UZD has homebrewed 3 element beam along with his YL harmonic Smriti Hegde just completed Ham Radio course waiting to appear for Ham exam is all set for hunting with enthusiasm. Zakiulla VU3OOE his xyl Tadmiya Firdose VU3OOG is ready with new handset for radio sports. Other team Francis VU3OID & his brother Glen has geared up. Similar teams VU3WLL & VU3MBV, VU3ULP & VU2VTM, VU3WLT & VU3JVZ, VU3ORO & VU3WSZ, VU3WSZ & VU3ORO, VU3OIM & VU3WTV, VU3YPP & Nishant(SWL), CJM YL Harmonic Ms Bhumika & VU3JYP, VU3SIM & VU3HJC. There are many teams on the roll teams to be formed and many are yet to register. Now we have more than 62 participants. Though we have more than a month for flag off, IIH is almost set and gearing up for grand finale of Radio sports. This is a recognised Radio sports in association with Department of Youth empowerment and sports, Government of Karnataka.


The Audio Tone emitted by the FOX during Foxhunt: