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Indian Institute Of Hams (IIH) : HAM action Force (HAF)
Disaster communication

Mysuru, Aug 11, 2019 Saturday.

Disaster communication mock drill was conducted by IIH at Postal Training centre, Mysuru today programme started with session on disaster communication network by Dr.S.Sathyapal, VU2FI presided Dr.Charles Lobo, Chief Post Master General, Karnataka circle (Who was one of the Chief Guest during HFI 2018) followed by mockdrill. PTC has Ham Radio club under title Megdhoot Ham Radio club. Around many postal Officials are Hams under the banner of IIH. We also had Mr Satyanarayan, VU2DSV Postmaster, Vijayawada. Mr Manjunath, VU3CJM assisted in conducting this programme. As there was very good response 14 members with four members under IIH (VU2FI, VU3CJM, VU3MBV and VU3XEB) will leave to Belgaum to assist on going relief operation in the Belgaum district. Team will carry sufficient equipments to handle the crises. This will be the first time that Indian Postal Department, Karnataka circle will use Ham services. Jai Hind

After having meeting with Superintendent of Posts, Belgaum and meeting DC will head to Chikkodi for establishing commn network badly affected area. Total strength of our team 14 + 4 = 18 with equal number of handsets and sufficient base stations. Also we have three SUV fitted with base stations. Most of the post offices are closed for flooding. We need to see these services are activated. Thanks to jurisdiction postal officials for monitoring our movement, local assistance, timely support. Mr Satyanarayan, VU2DSV Postmaster, Vijaywada old timer and experienced in disaster communication management is amongst the team

Belgaum: Aug 11, 2019 -Sunday
Ham Radio Services for flood operations in Belgaum district: 13 officials from Postal Department who are Hams along with Indian Institute of Hams (four Ham.operators) joined to extend communication support for on going relief operations in Belgaum district. This is under the guidance of Dr. Charles Lobo Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka circle. Team will reach Belgaum today night. This is the first time Department of posts are using Ham Radio services to support relief teams and also to use this services for their departments in flood affected areas in Belgaum district. Indian Institute of Hams have trained these officials to become Ham Operators conducted mock drill and preparedness exercise before leaving to Belgaum. Indian Institute of Hams are carrying required Radio sets with accessories to extend communication link for at least 100 kms from fixed location. We are also fitted Ham Radio sets in three department vehicles. Institute is also equipped with powerful Radio equipment in a SUV-vehicle which can act as mobile control station at any given point to cover the radius of atleast 30 to 40 kms. We are carrying batteries which can sustain for at least 5 days.