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Techinical Seminar was conducted on Aug31, 2019 At REVA UNIVERSITY. Optimisation of antennas, APRS stations, BITX40 hands on training were conducted. Eleven BITX40 were tested online at the end of the day..                                  Weekend classes for ASOC examinations : New Batch commenced from Sunday 8th September, 2019. Registration Contact: Dr. S.SATHYAPAL, DIRECTOR-IIH Cell: +91 94483 02677 or e-mail: ham7388@gmail.com
This month..

Our Activities

Bangalore Sep04,2019
Today Ham Awareness Programme at Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology, Nelamangala,, Bengaluru rural was successful. More than 200 students and faculty members of E & C participated. Thanks to Dr.Venkatesh Kumar, VU3EAU Prof. Dept of E & C for making all the arrangements.
Outcome after Programme:
1. Ham Radio classes for grant of Ham lc will be conducted soon. As many have opined to become HAM.
2. NCET HAM RADIO CLUB will be inaugurated soon. There are few license holders already trained by IIH couple of years back.
3. BITx, RDF will be focused this year.
IIH have assured to support all these activities.

Bangalore Sep20,2019
Wireless communication session for All India Watermanship trainees at Home guards and Civil defence academy in Bengaluru today by Dr. Sathyapal, Officer commanding(Commn.) Karnataka Civil defence corps. Trainees from Assam, West Bengal, J & K, UP, MP, Karnataka, Rajesthan and other states. Ham Radio network was also covered. Though duration was 90 mts, it was very interactive in English and Hindi. Thanks Mr Sunand Sampath VU3YYH for support. de VU2FI


Bangalore Sep05,2019

Empowering Ham Radio Network to NCC cadets and NSS volunteers specially on communication crises management was conducted today at REVA University, Bengaluru by IIH Team VU2FI, VU3CJM and VU3ONR. Thanks to NCC officer Lt.Arphan Dixit for the invite.
Thanks to Prof. Dr. Siva Reddy, VU3UFF IIH Trustee,
Dr. Bharathi, VU3UMQ and Asst. Prof. Dr.Devannanthan, VU3OEG for their presence during session. 73


Bangalore Sep14,2019

IEEE Bengaluru, Students section at HKBK College of Engineering, Bengaluru was inaugurated. Dr. Javed, Chair Educational Activities, IEEE Bengalure spoke on Future of loT in India, Research and opportunities, it was interesting session. Second speaker Dr.S.Sathyapal, VU2FI spoke on Non IoT and IoT in relevance to Amateur Radio. Students and faculty members appreciated my session said they would get into Ham Radio and plan to setup Ham Radio Club and Ham Lab. Thanks to Mr Pramod VU3UZJ and Mr Jinna, VU3XMA for participation and support. 73 de VU2FI


Bangalore Sep11,2019

Ham Radio Awareness programme by IIH for 120 E & C students at PES Institute of Technology, Electronic City, Bengaluru. After delivering session for about 70 minutes, Principal of PES Institute of Technology, showed keen interest in starting Ham Radio club, encourage activities and many students have responded positively to get into Ham Radio network. 73 de VU2FI


Bangalore Sep14,2019
The follow up of our Technical session on Bitx40 construction: 11 Hams who received BITx 40 Trx conducted on 31st Oct 2019, in co-ordination with VU2VET, at REVA University, One HAM have gone on air with this QRP Bitx40 and to encourage the other new HAMs to go on air, IIH has made inverted Vee dipole antenna for them at a minimal cost. Dipole antennas are getting ready for 7 hams by VU2FI and soon these Hams will be heard on 40mtrs.

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